Marxish (adj.) Generally pertaining to, or stemming from, the ideas and criticism of Karl Marx; unlike Marxist, Marxish carries no implication of endorsing or adhering to Marx’s views. Q.v. Marxian. “I thought the meeting would be dogmatically Marxist, but when I saw that the attendees were seriously critiquing the labor theory of value, I knew it was more of a Marxish space.”

Marxish Academy is a non-institutional, radical study group which meets biweekly in Seattle.

We are not a whine-fest about capitalism.

We do not smash the system.

We are not hardcore.

Instead, we put our heads together to pore pour carefully over texts which can help us understand the world around us, the historical forces from whence it manifests, and the limits and openings which define alternatives to capitalism. We are here to think. Hard. Carefully. With studious honesty and mutual accountability. We do not have time for mythology, whether it comes from multicorporate advertisers or “radical” lifestyle-puritans. We have no patience for dogma or orthodoxy. We want to understand how this world works, and how we can change it.

If this interests you, and you can commit to our shared expectations, you are hereby cordially invited to join our startup anti-capitalist venture.