This list of expectations is a living document. Its aim is to explicate what we consider appropriate behavior at Marxish Academy.

1. Use common courtesy toward other students at all times. Examples include referring to someone by their self-identified pronoun, refraining from hurtful language (e.g. sexist jokes), and generally treating others as you would want to be treated if you were them.

2. Practice intellectual honesty. The goal of the Academy is to assist each other in learning and thinking clearly. We are not here to win debates or look smart. Say what you really think in a way that others will be able to hear you, and be honest about your assumptions and sources.

3. Don’t hog the discussion. We’ll experiment with different mechanisms (e.g. a 3-minute limit on comments), but it’s important to us that no one has to compete in order to be heard.

4. Read the text beforehand–and if you didn’t, say so. It’s obvious that a successful discussion needs informed participants: it’s difficult to seminar on Capital in a group where no one’s read Capital. It’s also obvious that sometimes students can’t or won’t read the text beforehand. That’s okay. We ask only that you do your best and be up-front about what you’ve read.

5. People will fuck up. That’s okay. Marxish Academy is deeply opposed to sanctimony, shaming, and lifestyle puritanism (whether it comes from radicals, evangelicals, or anyone else). We’re here to learn as a community, which means meeting people where they’re at and trying to help them gain self-awareness. Do what you must to take care of yourself, but once that’s done, concentrate on what your classmates need rather than what they’ve done wrong.